Car registrations in Longford down 12%

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Car registrations in Longford down 12%

Official statistics released today by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) show that new car registrations for the month of June, were down 14% (1,397) nationally when compared to (1,623) June 2016, while new car registrations year to date are down 10% (91,189) on the same period last year (101,327).

The Commercial vehicle sector has also seen a decrease with Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) registrations down 21% (687 cars registered) on June 2016 (866 cars registered) and year to date are down 14% (15,784).

Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HGV) are showing a decline of 18% for the month of June (with 88 HGVs registered this year) compared to the same month last year (108 vehicles registered) and are down 11% (1,590) this year to date.

In Longford, registrations are down 12% with 454 cars registered compared to 516 cars registered in the same period last year.

Commenting on these latest figures SIMI Director General, Alan Nolan said: ”As we had anticipated, the first half of the year has seen a decline in registrations in all sectors.

“As the Industry now turns it focus to the 172 registration period which commenced on July 1, we would anticipate that sales in the second half of the year should keep us on track to reach the 132,000 total that was predicted at the start of the year.”

This year's top selling car brands to date were Volkswagen at number one, Toyota at number two, Hyundai and Ford at numbers three and four respectively and, in fifth place, Nissan.

And the top selling car nationally for June 2017 was the BMW 5 series.

The full report by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry can be found