'We just want a roof over our heads', pleads Longford mum of six

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Palace Drive

Palace Drive in Longford town.

A petrified mother of six has spoken of her fear of being left homeless after she was threatened with eviction at her home in Longford town last week.

Bridget Ward said she is at her wits' end with worry after officials from Longford's County Sheriff's office called to her home last Thursday to inform her that she was facing eviction.

Mrs Ward, who has been leasing a property in the Palace Drive area for the past four months, said she and her family were facing an uncertain future.

"The person I was renting from was sub letting the house to me which I didn't know at the time," she said.

"When we got in touch with the actual landlord we were told to there were different plans for the house and to get out."

Mrs Ward said following a visit from the sherrif's office last Thursday, the family were advised that they would have to vacate the property with immediate effect.

She told the Leader, who visited her home last week, that she was especially worried about what impact any move would have on her children.

"They are all worried and my four year-old son, Patrick suffers badly from asthma," she added.

"He has to have breathing equipment with him and is in and out of Mullingar Hospital a good bit."

She said her hopes of securing alternative accommodation now rested on the shoulders of Longford County Council.

"Me and my husband don't want to be separated from the kids.

"We just want somewhere where we can rest our heads, anywhere."

The Leader has made contact with the Council who say they are "aware of the issue" and are working with the family to resolve the situation.