Longford Library opens its doors to 'Transforming Our Community, Transforming Our World'

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Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney

An event entitled 'Transforming Our Community, Transforming Our World' will take place on Friday, December 8 next organised by Advocate for the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Anna Delaney.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals within our own community and provide information and guidance on how we can contribute to creating positive change, not just in our communities here in Longford but around the world.

“As an example I think goal 11 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' is very relevant to us in Longford right now, given our regeneration plans and I'm passionate about looking at ways in which we can incorporate all kinds of ethical, eco friendly and creative ideas relating to sustainable development into our plans for the future of Longford,” Ms Delaney explained to the Leader.

“Urban gardens, community food growing allotments, forests, orchards and all kinds of food growing enterprises are of particular interest to me and are projects that I think would be brilliant for Longford.”

There will be a number of speakers at the event who will discuss various topics from Gender Equality to Climate Action and many more.

There will also be an exhibition of creative work by some of the students of Templemichael College and other new citizens of Longford.

“Celebrating our cultural diversity is of great importance,” Ms Delaney added.

“Accepting and understanding the multicultural reality of our environment alongside welcoming and including everyone in projects relating to Longford is vital to the development of our county and the creation of a better future for us all.”

The event will take place in Longford Library on Friday, December 8 , from 7pm to 9pm. For more information, see the page on Facebook.