Ballinagh notes



Corr: Eddie Brady

Christmas Lights

The organising committee held a very successful and most enjoyable Halloween party in McDermott’s premises on Friday night and they wish to thank all who supported same. The committee are finalising arrangements for a major boxing tournament in the community centre on Friday, November 27th with full particulars later. The Christmas lights will be officially turned on on Sunday, 13th December which will also see Santa arrive in town where as usual he will present gifts to the children.


Parts of the district experienced severe fog on Saturday night – Sunday morning and which for motorists made travelling extremely difficult and dangerous. Fortunately, no series accidents are reported.

Gospel message

In Ballinagh mission church on Sunday November 8th at 8pm. Preacher Mr Paul Hockett. Everyone welcome.

Healthy eating

A workshop on reducing the risk of cancer through diet takes place in Ballyhugh Cultural Centre Ballyconnell on this Saturday, November 7th at 11.30am. Everyone is welcome and the aim of the workshop is to create a general awareness of the strong link between our diet and this most dreaded disease and the knowledge that in the end it is the organic freshly grown and freshly prepared foods that really nourish us and protect us from disease. The workshop will outline a no nonsense common sense plan on the key foods and herbs to eat and that are widely known to be anti-carcinogenic and rich in quality, the potentially harmful food to avoid and demonstrations on ways to prepare healthy dishes that are suitable for all family members. Everyone is welcome but advance booking is essential so in order to secure your seat phone 049 9526044.

Road safety

Now that the dark evenings are with us pedestrians are advised for your own personal safety to wear an arm band or clothing which will make their presence visible to all road users while motorists are asked to kindly dip their lights in the face of oncoming pedestrians and all road users.


Passed off peacefully with the usually good humoured pranks but the age old custom of temporarily stealing gates and creamery cans which were usually returned undamaged to their owners within a matter of days has now almost disappeared.