SENIOR CITIZENS OUTING: Outing for Carrigallen Senior Citizens. On 27th Sept 2012 thirty five people from Carrigallen Day Centre went on a wonderful day trip to Kennedy’s house to Aughoo. After a great welcome by Mr and Mrs Brian Kennedy and family and a lovely lunch the group took a guided tour of the Glenview Museum just alongside of the house.

SENIOR CITIZENS OUTING: Outing for Carrigallen Senior Citizens. On 27th Sept 2012 thirty five people from Carrigallen Day Centre went on a wonderful day trip to Kennedy’s house to Aughoo. After a great welcome by Mr and Mrs Brian Kennedy and family and a lovely lunch the group took a guided tour of the Glenview Museum just alongside of the house.

Brian Kennedy gave the group a very pleasing and wonderful guided tour and explained to all the ins and outs of the thousands of items he had on display in his wonderful museum and the large number of machinery very old and new. And last but not least the two very old Ford cars “Prefect and Anglia cars in perfect condition of the late 30s. The group were in care of the Carrigallen Day Care Committee manager Breege Grimes. Committee Patricia Smyth Annie Gray Patricia Kiernan and Jackie Davey extend thanks to all and especially the Kennedy family and staff.

SPECIAL TOURNAMENT: Johnny Fyfe, who lived in a little cottage on the Killegar estate in Carrigallen,was probably the last person in Ireland to get electricity into his home. It had never bothered him. He was completely self sufficient. A beautiful vegetable garden with specimen cabbages onions and lettuce pheasant duck rabbit pigeon and woodcock which he shot and had on the table that evening(you wouldn’t get it in the Savoy Hotel in London); fish from the local Callloughs trour lake (Fishing club) of which he was a president and founder member - not to mention the many types of coarse fish caught far and wide from lake Kilenemar and the Glasshouse on his homeland Kilegar to the many competitions he entered including Belturbet and further afield. Before he had the electricity,he worked his televison off a car battery and everything else from a small generator. Logs cut drawn and stacked by himself keeping his sturdy Stanley in flame and always a beautiful homely heat in his house with a kettle on the hob baking his trout. He was the only truly self sufficient person of the modern age that I knew. In his earlier days he had motorbikes and loved all of his cars. His dogs were legendary. Nipper the most famous,Topsy Susie Bouncer Lassie Widgie Judy and Darkie were some of them and Molly was his last one,currently being well cared for. Johnny won the local darts competition first started in 1964 by John Joe Dolan at the West End bar in Carrigallen. He told me that Dart throwers would come from far and wide to throw there arriving at 7.30 in the evening and not have the first round completed by the early hours. There could be up to a hundred throwers of an evening then” he said to me. This trophy was played for in the 8 weekends leading up to Easter and Johnny won it five times ,once in each decade right up to the millennium year of 2000 when he last won it,he featured recently in the book ‘Vanishing island’ by Turtle Bunberry and this accolade was well deserved. The tales that Johnny had to tell about life in Killegar could fill many a book. There was no better loved man by all of the Kilegar and Carrigallen Corawallen Drumeela newtowngore and Killeshandra comunities than Johnny Fyfe. The “Johnny Fyfe Perpetual Darts trophy” thrown for, for many years John Joe Dolans in Carrigallen, until it closed,is to be re-lit in the Hill tavern in Killeshandra in John’s memory. It begins in October so keep an eye out in the local notes for details. People used to come long distances just to say that they had played in the Johnny Fyfe tournament. They will again! Calloughs Trout Club will be running a special tournament in John’s honour and have commissioned a memorial piece. Johnny had so many close friends that it would be impossible to mention them all of them without leaving somebody out – but we’ll try. His sister Jennie and her husband George were pals as well as family as was his cousin Richard Venton and his wife Nerrida ,and Michael McGerty, Alan Taylor and his wife Lil, Mary O’Connell with Daniel and Bridgett, Martin Ruane and his wife Janet & Tony Fahy,Tom & Jean Humphreys,Sue Kilbracken,Liam & Iona Fahy,Nugent O’Reilly, Ethal and Clem Humphreys, the Kiernan families including Johnny, Peter Monica Margaret Bridget Rose Ellen and Philomena (and spouses),Bridie & Martin Gallagher,Paul Komeroski Michael and Cabrina Hackett, Paddy & Angela McGovern,Mickey Flynn John McGerty. Theresa McGerty, Michael and Gene Doherty - and all of the Doherty ,Grimes and Gray famlies,John Joe Dolan and his family Richard Nixon Cathal Farrelly and Sean Godley, Sheila and Brian Brady,MC Hardcastle,Terry Reynolds ,members of the gun clubs angling clubs and darts clubs in Carrigallen and Newtowngore and Killeshandra etc. There are probably hundreds more. (Regrets for any left out) – Johnny would probably not have believed how many people were devoted to him. The community would like to thank the Church of Ireland members at the Old School House beside Killegar Church for the wonderful refreshments provided for everyone after the funeral service and burial in Johnny’s honour. Johnny Fyfe (4 October 1930 - 14 September 2012)is laid to rest in his beloved Killegar at the Church of Ireland Killegar parish Church grounds. May he rest in peace.

NEW PLAY: Conal Gallen’s ‘Laugh out Show’ is on Saturday 20 October. The hilarious new play written and dictated by Seamus O’Rourke ‘For Club and County’ will be previewing in the Corn Mill on Wednesday 24th October and Thursday 25th October 2012. Cast Tommy Sharkey,Shane O’Connor and Karina Charles and it is a Moth Production. Doors open at 8.30pm and all performances start at 8.30pm.Booking at 049 4339612 or

AGM:The annual general meeting of the Carrigallen Community Text Alert Scheme was held in the community Centre on Thursday 20 September 2012 with a very large attendance. Chairperson Neville Patterson got proceedings underway and a detailed report from secretary Enda Lyons was read to the ,members which showed that nearly 3000 people had signed up to this crime prevention initiative. Carrick on Shannon Sergant Turlough Bruin was in attendance as well as our local Garda Sinead McLoon. Sergeant Bruin stated that the Carrigallen scheme had been introduced in a number of other areas in the community and surrounding areas and that people’s vigilance and reporting of any suspect activity have been of great benefit to the garda and he urged people to remain part of this worthwhile scheme. The new committee for the year ahead is chairperson Neville Patterson,secretary Marina McCann and Finance remains in the capable hands of Bonnie O’Rourke. Membership are now due for renewal and if you have not done so please renew it now. Envelopes are available in local shops in Carrigallen and Newtowngore.

BINGO: Bingo continues in Carrigallen Community Centre on Sunday night next 21 October at 9pm with many great prizes to be won.