Gowna locals hit out at new crossroads

Who gives way to who?

Who gives way to who?

That is the question locals from the lakeside village of Loch Gowna have been asking themselves in recent weeks after council officials gave the go-ahead for not one, but four stop signs to be left in place at a busy crossroads.

Previously, villagers had been faced with encountering two road cautionary measures along the main Aughnacliffe to Ballinagh road.

But it’s the decision taken by local authority chiefs to suddenly erect a pair of additional warning signs at the crossroads’ two other approach roads which has incensed local homeowners.

Gerry Pearson, who lives just outside the village, warned of the potentially devastating repercussions unless swift and decisive remedial action is taken. “There will be someone killed there before this whole thing is settled up,” he said, revealing also of how the new road layout had become the talk of the town.

“The road from Aughnacliffe should be the through road, it’s all wrong. Now no one has the right of way to go anywhere. I’ll tell you something, someone is going to get a whack and that’ll be the end of it, you wait and see.”

A spokesman from Cavan County Council said the local authority only stepped in after fears were expressed over speeding. “This is a response to local requests. It (all stop junction) is a recognised system and the NRA actually recommend this. It’s a very cheap way to solving the problem,” he said.