Good Luck

Good Luck

Good luck to all students starting their first year of secondary school this week.

Fun Fin Swim update

The day was a great success. The sun was shining and we had a great turnout for our snorkel from Burke’s Lock to Richmond Harbour. Participants were aged from 6 yrs to 60 years ! The aim of the Fun Fin Swim was to promote our sport of snorkelling and scuba diving. We had participants from near and far and everyone enjoyed the day. Thanks to McPartlands for a great BBQ ! For sure we will be back in Clondra again next year !

St Brigid’s

The lads played Grattans last Saturday evening in the Division 2 league, unfortunately they were beaten by a very narrow margin of 2 points

Longford Marathon

Just like to thank all the local people that helped out at the marathon and along the route.


I have been asked to ask all dog walkers both on the canal and the roads, if possible could you please dispose of dog foul and keep both of the above nice and tidy, thanks.

Canal Walk

Every Thursday at 7:3pm, all welcome, will meet in village

The Royal Canal Heritage Walk

As part of National Heritage Week, Longford Tourism are hosting a heritage walk along the route of The Royal Canal from Richmond Harbour in Clondra. Led by Fr Tom Murray this interesting and informative walk will take in some of the beautiful scenery of the newly opened Royal Canal Cycleway. Refreshments will be served afterwards in The Richmond Inn, Clondra. The walk starts at 7.30pm on Tuesday evening 26th August.