Leaving Certificate Helpline 2020 will deliver one to one advice

Longford Leader reporter


Longford Leader reporter



Leaving Certificate Helpline 2020 will deliver one to one advice

Leaving Certificate Helpline 2020 will deliver one to one advice

The National Parents Council Post Primary (NPCPP) Leaving Certificate Helpline 2020, staffed by qualified and experienced guidance counsellors will deliver one to one advice over the coming week as the results are released and the CAO offers issued.

The NPCPP Leaving Cert Exam Helpline 2020 number, 1800-265-165, will operate the following schedule:

·         Monday 7th September         11am – 8pm

·         Tuesday 8th September        11am – 8pm

·         Wednesday 9th September 11am – 2pm

·         Thursday 10th September 11am – 2pm

·         Friday 11th September 12pm – 8pm

·         Saturday 12th September 11am – 5pm

·         Monday 14 th September 11am – 5pm

·         Tuesday 15 th September 11am – 2pm

·         Wednesday 16 th September 11am – 2pm


These guidance counsellors are members of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC). This is a critical time for the students and all their families when support is especially welcome

This year the initiative is sponsored by the Irish Independent, the Department of Education & Skills and supported by Croke Park courtesy of the GAA Community Programme.

Speaking in advance of the issuing of results and launch of the Helpline Beatrice Dooley President of the IGC stated:

"At times of stress, our students need the reassurance of a human being at the end of the phone with the necessary knowledge and skills to listen to them, to give them the psychological space to be upset/stressed, to calm them down, advise them of the next steps and support them through the process of taking it. This is a typical day’s work for a guidance counsellor, but around Leaving Certificate results time the public sits up and takes notice of our contribution."

"The 2019 Leaving Certificate Helpline received a total of 1,236 calls covering 2,882 queries from all around the country.

"On average, 247 calls were received per day, an increase from 220 on average per day in 2018.

"On results day the focus of the calls was on points, rechecks, accepting an offer, failing a subject, repeating, viewing of scripts, disappointment, advice/ support from counsellors.

"Offer days calls included course information, preference order, no offer, help for parents/ guardian dealing with their disappointed child, anxious thoughts, advice on options like FET, Apprenticeship, Private colleges, UNICAS, UCAS, Round 2, Available places, how to pay registration fees and the best way to spend a Gap Year.

"Throughout the school year, guidance counsellors work closely with parents through face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails. We place a very high value on nurturing strong lines of communication with the parents and guardians of those in our care, communication that assists us in supporting and guiding students in the areas of vocational, educational and personal counselling.

"Approximately 61,000 Leaving Certificate students will collect their Leaving Certificate results on Monday September 7. We congratulate each and every one of them for the strength of character they have demonstrated whilst navigating the uncertainty poised by Covid-19.

"The IGC encourages students to go in to school to collect their results and to share your achievement with your friends, guidance counsellor and teachers.

Allow them to support you through the decision making process of the next few weeks. Your guidance counsellor will be in school or available by telephone/email to answer your queries, furnish you with the requisite information and support you through this important decision-making phase of your lives.

"In addition, the NPCpp Helpline is an additional free and confidential support available to you at this time. The Helpline is manned by qualified, professional and very experienced guidance counsellors. To speak to a guidance counsellor call 1800 265 165.

"This week, spare a thought also for Mature students collecting their Leaving Certificate results. Consider the courage and commitment required as they juggle studies with work, possibly also with child rearing and caring for elderly parents.

"The motivation of mature students will propel them to the next stage of their educational journey and the guidance counsellors, who support them in the Adult, Youth and Prison Services nationwide are a very necessary resource to them through this process.

"This support can range from encouragement, confidence-building, to assisting individuals often disillusioned with the education system, including the process work of imagining what they are capable of and planning the journey of sequential steps needed to get there."