Midlands man fined for theft of 24 cans of Bulmers

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



Judge Seamus Hughes

Judge Seamus Hughes

The total cost of the twenty four cans of Bulmers amounted to €39

A man who stole three eight can packs of Bulmers from a supermarket has been ordered to pay the money owed for the alcohol and a €105 fine that was handed to him at his last court appearance.

Patrick Nevin, St Michael’s Park, Mullingar, Westmeath, was arrested on a bench warrant on Tuesday last and brought before Judge Seamus Hughes at Longford District Court. He had previously been handed the €105 fine for being intoxicated in a public place.
“Listen to me now, Mr Nevin, you’ve taken too many bench warrants,” Judge Hughes warned.

“You walked into a supermarket in Mullingar and you stole 24 cans of Bulmers. You didn’t even settle for eight - you had to be greedy and take three packs.

“And then you drank it all and you didn’t show up for court.”

The total cost of the three packs of Bulmers amounted to €39 - a price which Mr Nevin promised to pay by the end of the week in Mullingar.

“I’ll be there Thursday and I’ll pay the €39 in Mullingar, then I’ll come and pay the €105 in Longford,” he said.

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