Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Hard to stomach state of seating

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Pearse Park

Pearse Park, Longford

I went to Pearse Park again on Sunday, this time we went to the stand area, which I sat in once already, but realised that on that occasion it was opened in genuine error, so did not comment.

But Sunday last was the showpiece day of Longford GAA’s year, and it was hard to stomach the state of the seating in the stand.
Surely, surely, someone could be found to wash the seats properly?
It was hard to find words to describe the state of the place.
Every single seat, that I could find, was absolutely in a terrible state. Of course I realise that new seating will be installed in the area eventually, but meanwhile, what’s to stop having a team of people to wash the seats? All it takes is interest.

Someone who was stewarding told me that the builders were in “all week” when I complained of the dusty and dirty state of seats.

Well I’m afraid I was in there on Saturday - at the above under-16’s game - and there wasn’t a sign of builders at that particular time.

Nobody around the stand area at all except a few brave souls, who sat in it to watch the game.

I’ve never experienced such careless attitude to the customers paying into Pearse Park. Surely the administrators must take some responsibility for leaving the stand so filthy dirty that nobody could sit there in decent clothes without ruining them.

I myself went to the toilets area and found enough paper to at least take off the dust and dirt, with some difficulty I might add.

I was very surprised that everyone sitting in the stand just shrugged their shoulders and decided to accept the mediocrity that caused the stand to be left in such a state.

In Longford we are mired in mediocrity, no doubt about it.

Sad, really that we haven’t any pride left in our grounds, not even on county final day.
But hey, we’re just the paying public.

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