Down Memory Lane in Longford: Conferences again!

Story of the week from September 16th, 1994

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Down Memory Lane in Longford

Down Memory Lane in Longford

At the end of a heated discussion on conferences at Monday night's meeting of Longford Urban Council members debated no less than four separate Notices of Motion

In explaining his reasons for submitting his Notice of Motion, Cllr Glennon said he certainly didn't get elected to “perpetuate existing systems” and it was his view that the whole Urban Council approach to conferences needed to be streamlined and rationalised.

“It is not the role of this Council and it is certainly not your role, Mr chairman, to be a policy maker for Ireland said an angry Cllr Mickey Nevin. Cllr Nevin urged the new members of the Urban Council to “have a bit of patience” in relation to local government change. “You don't expect after just three months to reform local government”, he said.

“I do “ replied the Council chairman, Cllr Glennon , whose remark was greeted with laughter. Cllr Mae Sexton said it was also her belief that existing systems could be changed.

Cllr Glennon said he found it “quite insulting” to be told that policy was made in Dublin or elsewhere.

“I don't feel that this Council should be taught from on high as to how we conduct our business” said Cllr Glennon “we are grown men and women and we can make decisions for ourselves”.

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