Ageing water mains in Longford to be replaced

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Irish Water

Irish Water in conjunction with Longford Co Council is set to replace aging water mains in Longford

Irish Water, working in partnership with Longford County Council is replacing ageing water mains in Longford to provide a more reliable water supply for customers.

600 metres of ageing water mains that were prone to bursts have been replaced in Corbaun and work is underway to replace 720 metres of ageing water mains in Smear Hill.

Final reinstatement work in Corbaun will be completed this week. The project in Smear Hill started this week and is expected to take six weeks to complete.

These projects involve the replacement of existing old and damaged public water mains and replacing it with high density polyethylene (plastic) pipes. The works will also see the replacement of old damaged service connections.

These are the pipes which join Irish Water’s public main to a customer’s property. The benefits of the project include a more reliable and secure supply, improved water quality and reducing leakage, while also allowing for future development in the town and surrounding areas.

GMC are carrying out the projects in Longford on behalf of Irish Water.

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