Piano students bring Christmas to Tashinny

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Esteemed pianist, Peter Regan, in Tashinny Church with some of Ardagh Music Room piano students

Tashinny Church played host to a Christmas Concert on Thursday, December 21, given by some of Ardagh Music Room's piano students.

Sounds of Silent Night, Jingle Bells and Rudolph rang out together with exam pieces from the various Grades taken over the year.

"Pianists spend so long working towards exams, it's a shame that, often, they only play the pieces once for the exam" said Joanna Pearman of Ardagh Music Room.

“Having an annual family Christmas Concert gives everyone a chance to play with a friendly audience, an important opportunity to perform, not always as readily available to those learning the piano."

Mature sudents too played their pieces as an increasing number of adults are returning to do what so many people always wish for - to learn the piano.

As a surprise guest at the end of the evening, Peter Regan, multi-award winning pianist from Ballyleague, Lanesboro called in to tell the students about the opportunities available to them as they develop their piano skills.

Currently studying under John O’Conor at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto’s Glenn Gould School, Peter told the budding pianists of all his travelling adventures, concerts he has played and people he has met.

With the voice of experience, he reminded everyone how to get to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice!