Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Hard to believe that this government lives in the real world

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Making the farmers pay for making their living in the normal way, is surely a cop out.'

The Six One News on Sunday evening informed us that a forum for environmental protection had met over two weekends and submitted their proposals.

Top of the list suggested taxing farmers...for farming!

I can only presume that the methane gas emitted by their cattle is the concern!

I would love to know just how many farmers were on this committee, seeing as the vast majority of our lovely green isle is devoted to farmland.
City dwellers, meanwhile, are to be “encouraged” to use public transport - no tax for not doing so?

It’s hard to believe that this government lives in the real world.

We’ll come to that later...

No doubt money was spent on this forum.

Money that might have paid for an extra nurse in Mullingar Hospital, or an ambulance service that might have got to Pearse Park in Longford in time to avoid the indignity of leaving an injured young man lying on the cold wet grass for fifty... yes 50... minutes on Sunday.

It was probably well over an hour before the fellow was eventually transported anywhere.

Throwing money out in the run up to an election will not wash with the Irish people.

We have seen it all before, and until our health service is sorted - waiting lists on an unprecedented scale, trolley mayhem in corridors and every cubby hole imaginable often occupied by the elderly, understaffing while plenty of money is available for managers... this government hasn’t a hope of winning anything.

Promises cost nothing. But health is wealth.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that the government is incapable of touching any nerve of the general populace.

Ironically, in line with pre-election rationale, presently we hear nothing at all, about the health service.

Maybe the new spinning machine is better than we’d first believed.
This rationale applied to other previous FF governments too, but at least then they weren’t so very far removed from reality.

Nowadays an “assembly” is dreamed up by some minister or other, who gathers several academics together, and allows as many submissions as possible to be submitted in the name of democracy.

Then the assembly sits for a short space of time, depending on how important the subject matter is, and issues a report or proposal.

Not much thought was given to the Citizens assembly, seeing as how it did its work over two weekends.

It’s a pity they can’t influence the planning laws.

Making the farmers pay for making their living in the normal way, is surely a cop out. What’s being done about cars? Lorries? I could go on...

Why do we pay large sums every year to “buy” our way out of the emissions headache?

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