All paws on Longford town's Mall for successful Greyhound walk

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford in bid to find homes for retired greyhounds

The Mall was filled with good dogs and wagging tails recently as a number of four-legged friends took to the pathways in a bid to find homes for retired greyhounds.

The walk was held to raise awareness for greyhounds and what good pets they make outside of the race track.
Unfortunately, there are a number of greyhounds who, when injured or unable to race, are abandoned instead of taken to a vet.
“The walk went really well. I was pleasantly surprised by the amoung of people and dogs that were there,” said organiser, Michell Coe.
“Having the greyhounds mixing with other breeds really showed that they're just like any other dog.”
There were a number of greyhound owners in attendance, including a lady from Dublin who had adopted two of the beautiful dogs from the Longford pound previously. There was even a former race-dog in the mix.
“I'm not sure if we've converted anyone yet. The hounds drew a lot of attention, so I'm hoping that people who saw them will have a greyhound on their minds when they decide to get a dog,” said Michelle.
Only last week, though, a couple of the greyhounds from the pound were sent over to forever homes with vetted families in Germany, but there are always dogs in the pound looking for forever families.
“Thanks to everyone who came along and to Gain Foods, Maxi Zoo and the Greyhound Track for sponsoring spot prizes,” said Michelle.
Currently, there are three greyhounds in the ISCPA looking for homes, so if you would like to adopt one of these beautiful, gentle creatures, you know where to go.