Harmony House Culture Day brings everyone together for Longford celebration

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Harmony House Culture Day brings everyone together for Longford celebration

Linda Guy, Manager Olabisi Ogunsakin, Geraldine MacKeon and Kelly Wykes. Photo by Michelle Ghee

A community Culture day was held at Longford town’s Harmony House Community Centre recently.

They event aimed to highlight equal opportunity for all children to learn a fundamental aspect of the school curriculum.

Culture Day is celebrated in Harmony House annually and focuses on valuing the individuality and cultural background of all the children at the local school.

Families are expected to arrive in the traditional dress of their native land, cook their traditional food, socialise with other parents and share their expertise.

“This year 12 nationalities celebrated the day including Ireland, Slovakia, Uganda, Libya, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, England, Pakistan, Russia, Latvia and Romania,” organiser, Ola Ogunsakin said.

“40 parents attended the culture day and all parents were encouraged to test food from other countries.
“The day went well with parents sharing their culture and expertise and knowledge.”

The event at Harmony House is organised every year in an effort to provide every child with a sense of belonging.

“They feel their family’s value, practices, traditions and beliefs are understood,” added Ms Ogunsakin.

“We also feel that all of these are of benefit to other parents skills and expertise.

“Together, all of this provides an emotionally secure environment for the children.”