Gave false name to Longford Gardaí

Gave false name to Longford Gardaí

A man who appeared before Longford District Court last week charged under the Road Traffic Act was disqualified from driving for six years and sentenced to six months in prison following a hearing into the matter. 

Tom Maughan (28), 79 Aughnaskerry Drive, Cavan appeared before Judge Seamus Hughes charged with driving without insurance; driving while disqualified; providing a false name to the Gardaí; driving without a driving licence and driving with no tax at Farneyhoogan, Longford on February 10, 2014. 

Outlining the evidence to the court, Inspector Declan Rock said that on the date in question Garda Farrelly stopped the defendant, who was driving, and asked him for the necessary details. 

“Mr Maughan provided a false name,” the Inspector continued. 

“It was only when Garda Farrelly investigated the matter further did he discover that a false name had been provided.

“Garda Farrelly also discovered that the defendant was in fact disqualified from driving at the time of the offence.” 

Meanwhile, in mitigation, the defendant’s solicitor John Quinn said that his client was currently serving a sentence in respect of a separate matter.

The local solicitor also submitted a report on his client from the Prison Service.

“He has turned a corner,” added Mr Quinn before pointing out that his client was now endeavouring to enter an education programme in prison. 

“The report from the Prison Service speaks highly of him; he is trying to better himself, so that when he does get out of prison he will make good of himself.” 

Addressing Judge Hughes directly, the defendant said that at the time of the offence in Longford, he was taking a lot of drugs.

“All I’m trying to do now is get my life back on track,” he added. 

“I’m not taking drugs now.” 

During his deliberations on the matter, Judge Hughes said that he remained hopeful that the penny had finally dropped for the defendant and that he would “do something” with his life. 

The defendant was subsequently disqualified from driving and sentenced to four months in prison which the judge ordered be served consecutively to the current term.