Longford County Council flooding bill to top €2 million

Longford County Council flooding bill to top €2 million

Longford County Council expects to fork out in excess of €2 million as it deals with the fallout from the recent flooding crisis.

Repairs to bridges, culverts and roads will take up the vast majority of the clean up costs that have stemmed from Storms Desmond and Frank.

The full extent of the repair bill has yet to emerge however, with many parcels of land and tracts of roadway still under water.

In a statement to the Leader, the Council said a fuller picture surrounding the overall clean up bill will become known once flood waters subside.

“Longford County Council currently estimate that their clean up costs associated with the flooding will be in the region of €300,000 to €400,000.

“Many of the bridges, culverts and roads are still flooded.

“Longford County Council’s estimate for bridges, culverts and road repairs is currently €2m.

“Figures are an estimate only as Longford County Council have to carry out a full assessment of damage when all water recedes.”

Longford, together with the State’s 27 other local authorities, have each been asked to pass on preliminary estimates of damage costs to the Department of the Environment.

The contents of those reports are believed to have dominated a full cabinet meeting last Tuesday in which flood relief and preventative measures were discussed.

The downpours which crippled many parts of the county in recent weeks were the highest on record with three months’ rain falling last month alone.

And while Longford’s overall clean up bill is likely to top €2m, it’s anticipated the State’s could reach as high as €60 million.

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