‘Timber Teasers’ puzzles on market

TY enterprise students in Moyne Comunity School have launched a range of traditional wooden puzzles. Pictured are members of the 'Timber Teasers' team: Thomas McVeigh, Charlie McGreevy and Francis Olloy. Photo: Shelley Corcoran
Enterprising Transition Year students in Moyne Community School are manufacturing and selling a range of wooden puzzles suitable for all ages.

Enterprising Transition Year students in Moyne Community School are manufacturing and selling a range of wooden puzzles suitable for all ages.

Under the guidance of their teacher Padraig Doherty, ‘Timber Teasers’ comprising Thomas McVeigh, Charlie McGreevy and Francis Molloy - will be participating in the National Student Enterprise Awards.

While on Saturday week last, January 25, members of ‘Timber Teasers’ were among students from across the country who pitched their idea to the Dragons in the All-Ireland Final of Junior Dragons Den, sponsored by Bank of Ireland.

The names of the successful candidates will be revealed when the Junior Dragons’ Den episodes air in May. And those selected to go into the Den will pitch for the chance to win a €2,000 bursary, which will support them in bringing their business to the next stage.

Mr Doherty explained that ‘Timber Teasers’ have produced a range of puzzles.

Their classic ‘T Puzzle’ contains four pieces that can be used to make up one hundred different shapes. And Mr Doherty adds, “Given the addictive nature of this puzzle, a solution sheet is provided for those who reach their wits’ end!”

The ‘Towers of Hanoi’ puzzle consists of three rods with eight discs stacked in ascending order of size on one rod. The objective of the puzzle is to move the entire stack to another rod by moving one disc at a time and never putting a bigger disc on top of a smaller one. For younger children the puzzle can be used with three discs and completed in seven moves. For those who like a challenge, all eight discs require a minimum of 255 moves!

The Cube puzzle with its 5 pieces comes packaged as a rectangle. It has been proven to challenge people of all ages. For pre-school children it offers an opportunity for discovery learning and an early introduction to the concept of 3D shapes.

Mr Doherty outlined that with the help of Mary Flemming from Rusty Lemon Design, ‘Timber Teasers’ were able to add a professional look to their range of products with colourful, attractive packaging.

He added, “To help keep up with demand we were assisted in production by a local joinery business and the result is a top class product. At the moment we have other puzzles in development.”

You can check out more about ‘Timber Teasers’ on Facebook and at timberteasers.weebly.com

Prices range from €8 to €12 and puzzles can be purchased from Farrell Coy in Longford and online from www.timberteasers.weebly.com or directly from Moyne Community School school (049) 4335114.

Mr Doherty said they hope to have more retail outlets stocking puzzles from ‘Timber Teasers’ in the near future. He concluded, “Every coffee table should have one!”