Do you have
the best will
in the world?

David Bell, the oldest practising solicitor in Ireland at aged 93 years is pictured with his granddaughter Juliet Bell (4) as they encourage everyone who has not yet made a will to avail of a Will consultation for �50 during Best Will in the World Week. Photo: Andres Poveda

Longford Citizens Information will be hosting an event called ‘Making A Will Won’t Kill You’ in the Longford Arms Hotel on Thursday October 17 at 7.30pm.

The event will be preented by Anne O’Caroll, a legal expert who specialises in demystifying the law for the layperson!

This even is being held at the same time as Best Will in the World i - a nationwide programme which encourages Irish people to make a will.

Eighty charities who are all members of the MyLegacy organisation, in partnership with 400 solicitors, are joining forces to encourage the people of Longford to make a will and consider leaving a gift to their favourite charity, regardless of size and after family and friends have been looked after.

Members of the public can avail of a will consultation to discuss a new or existing will with their local solicitor during Best Will in the World Week which begins on Monday 21st October for a flat fee of €50. All participating solicitors can be viewed on

Speaking at the launch of Best Will in the World Week, Susan O’Dwyer, Chairperson, MyLegacy and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation said, “The culture of leaving a gift in your will to a favourite charity is in its infancy in Ireland. Many people just don’t realise that they can give money to charities in this way. However, the reality is that after looking after friends and family, a small share of whatever is left can make a long lasting difference to charities and the invaluable work they do.

During Best Will in the World Week, Longford solicitors will help increase the likelihood of a gift being left to charity by simply asking the question at the will consultations. The Week helps to create that life changing moment, reminding us all how we can help the work of our favourite causes to live on.”

Recent research on charitable giving, leaving gifts in wills to charities and will making in Ireland shows that (1):

Ireland was ranked as the second most charitable country in the world in the 2011 World Giving Index

The Index showed that 75% of the Irish population gives money to charity every month (while 38% volunteer time and 65% help strangers)

However only 34% of adults in Ireland have made a will and of those who have a will, it is estimated that only 10-12% have included a gift to charity

Having a will appears to be a function of age as 82% of those over 65 years have a will whereas only 51% of those aged 45 – 64 years of age and 26% of those aged 35 – 44 years have a willOf those who don’t yet have a will, 30% would like to leave a gift to a charity in their will and this desire is highest among 18 – 24 year old respondents