Fr Healy to take short sabbatical

Fr Tom Healy will step back from Parish life until April

Fr Healy to take short sabbatical

After an extremely hectic six years, the duration of which saw him take a key role in the restoration and re-opening of St Mel's Cathedral, Fr Tom Healy Adm, has decided to take a short sabbatical.

In a letter printed in last weekend's Parish newsletter, Fr Healy referenced the 'momentous restoration and reopening' of St Mel's Cathedral, stating that, “It has been a privilege to have been involved in such a historic project and I am proud of the tremendous community spirit that was apparent from the very first day.”

Fr Healy went on to add that with the Cathedral up and running, it felt like the right time to step back from the daily routine.

“I will spend the time away attending a three month residential course in All Hallows College which covers a wide range of spiritual issues as well as offering time for personal renewal and reflection - a perfect opportunity for me to revert to my student days for a while!” he continued.

Fr Healy also revealed that Fr Tom Murray will take his place for the next three months, and he expressed his confidence that Fr Murray, along with the various local committees, groups and volunteers, will ensure that parish life continues as normal.

“I look forward to returning to Longford and resuming my duties in the parish on the completion of the course in April,” he concluded.