Anger over roadworks in Lanesboro

Roadworks have once again resumed along Main Street, Lanesboro, causing havoc to traffic and disruption to local businesses.

Roadworks have once again resumed along Main Street, Lanesboro, causing havoc to traffic and disruption to local businesses.

The work, which has been ongoing since 2009, had ceased in November due to inclement weather conditions. Among those members of the community affected by the resumption in road works is Joe O'Brien of O'Brien's Shop, Lanesboro.

"The whole street is blocked with traffic lights. If they wanted to close us down then they are doing a damn good job of it in Lanesboro," said Joe, speaking to the Leader.

"Their theme song should be 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for'! It's a total shambles here and at the same time there is no reduction in rates or the demand for them."

Independent Councillor Mark Casey disagrees and believes that the majority of people in Lanesboro welcome the works and the improvement they are making to the town.

"Previous to these works our infrastructure was very poor. We've put a new sewerage pipe in place down the Main Street.

"We wanted to get everything done in the one project and so we have a new rising main (for drinking water) and a new storm water. The ESB Cables have also gone underground," said Cllr Casey speaking to the Leader.

In addressing the lengthy nature of the project, Cllr Casey said that each additional element within the project had to be negotiated separately for funding.

"I realise there has been disruption to businesses for some time but Lanesboro has received an investment which is out of proportion with other towns of its size, particularly given the times that we are living in," said Cllr Casey.

"We were wise to stop the works in November as now the ground will have a chance to settle. If you look at the Ballyleague side of the bridge, they completed their works before Christmas and damage is starting to show simply because the ground did not settle before the bad weather."

In response to Joe O'Brien's request that the works take place at night time, Cllr Casey said that this would be impossible.

"The road is being lowered by 12 inches and this involves excavating and breaking rock. It couldn't be done at night for noise control reasons.

"It's alright for Joe O'Brien. He doesn't live on Main Street, but young families, nuns and retired people do. The noise pollution would be unacceptable," he said.

The current works should be completed within seven to 10 days.

"Following that there will be one last phase of works between the butchers and the bridge. That will begin in three months time."

Longford County Council has advised the Leader that it understands that business owners and locals are being inconvenienced by the works that are being carried out.

"However there will be tremendous long term benefits for all the people of Lanesboro when the works are completed. Longford County Council regrets any inconvenience caused during the period while these works are being carried out," said the Local Authority.