Derryadd residents want action taken on overgrown land

Michael Brennan, Molly Rogan, Lorraine Rogan, Charlie McMonagle, Tommy Flanagan with Sean and Nathan Rogan. Photo: Michelle Ghee.
A stretch of land at Derryadd, Kenagh, is causing outrage among local residents who have labeled it “dangerous” and “a disgrace”.

A stretch of land at Derryadd, Kenagh, is causing outrage among local residents who have labeled it “dangerous” and “a disgrace”.

Overgrown and unsightly, the piece of land in question, located along the R392 road between Ballymahon and Lanesboro, separates the new road from the old road, which runs adjacent to the houses.

“That was never touched,” said one resident, Lorraine Rogan, gesturing to the land, which largely blocks their view of the main road.

“That’s the way it was when the building was going on.

“It’s not safe, and it’s an absolute disgrace to look at,” she added, stating that there are pallets and building materials dumped in amongst the longer grass. Referring to her own children and the other children living in the area, Lorraine pointed out that the state of the land is extremely dangerous for them in particular.

“If the council leveled up and put topsoil on it, we would maintain it ourselves,” another resident added.

Explaining that the area had once been part of a field belonging to his father, Tommy Flanagan told the Leader, “The council bought this off my father to make the new road in the 1960s,” going on to say that it started becoming overgrown approximately twenty years ago.

While he tried to maintain it as best he could, Tommy was later advised to stop as he could be held liable if an accident was to occur.

Agreeing with the other residents about the health and safety risk, Tommy also stated that it’s a danger to motorists, “It’s very hard for them to see if cars are coming from the right when they’re coming up,” he explained.

Michael Brennan, a former councillor who says he has taken the issue to the council on several occasions over the past two years, concluded by saying, “These people are living there and are going to be living there and that’s what’s facing them all the time.

“We’re going to take no more.”

Speaking on the matter, Longford County Council said, “Michael Brennan has been seeking to have this piece of ground raised and cultivated for the past few years. He has been informed that filling it would be very costly and that currently there is no funding available to carry out these works.

“It may be carried out at a future date subject to availability of funding and suitable work programmes.”