Plea for footpath works extension

Repair works on footpaths in Longford town. Photo: Michelle Ghee.

Councillors will have to wait to find out if any additional money will be set aside to carry out further repair works on Longford town’s footpaths.

A number, led by Councillors John Browne and Peggy Nolan, questioned why certain stretches of walkway in the town were not part of the current overhaul.

Cllr Browne said the decision to call a halt to refurbishment works across from the town’s post office had left many, including himself baffled.

He said the vast contrasts between the recently restored sections of footpath and parts which had been left untreated gave the appearance of a “botch job”.

“If the other parts aren’t finished, it will look dreadful.

“The way it looks at the minute it’s belittling the ratepayers,” he claimed.

His party colleague , Cllr Peggy Nolan agreed.

She said there were similar issues at the other end of town.

“It’s not good housekeeping if you stop around Cooney’s Shop,” she remarked.

“You don’t paint three walls in a house and leave the other one.”

She said in order to rectify the situation, the only plausible solution was to extend the present works whilst construction workers are in situe.

“Otherwise, it will have to go out to tender again,” she claimed.

“That’s good housekeeping, to continue while the workers are on site.”

However, Director of Services Jack Kilgallon said such a request, in light of the project’s overall cost, was simply not possible.

“The scope of that project was agreed in close consultation with local councillors.

“ It’s construction has been carried out to the full extent of the budget,” he said.

Not satisfied, Cllr Browne repeated his earlier assertions, claiming the visual appearance of certain pockets of the town would suffer.

Mr Kilgallon, though, remained defiant, saying much would depend on whether additional monies would be set aside in next year’s budget.