‘Old guard’ and IDA
investment ruffle Sinn Fein

New figures regarding IDA investment highlights the lack of, in Co Longford in 2013.

New figures regarding IDA investment highlights the lack of, in Co Longford in 2013.

78 new investments were brought to Ireland by the IDA with Dublin receiving 55 of those. “That’s 70% of all new IDA business going to 25% of the population,” local Sinn Fein Electoral hopeful, Barbara Smyth said. “Enterprise Ireland investment in jobs has gone from €167m in 2010 to €69m in 2013. In the same period IDA investment went from €120m to €85.”

According to the latest figures, 14 counties received no IDA investment, while eight others received only one new investment. “Sadly Longford was among the counties that received zero investment, and it is these ‘forgotten’ counties which are suffering from high unemployment, emigration, poverty and depopulation,” continued Ms Smyth. “In a time of such high unemployment in Longford, investment in job creation has collapsed; this failure must be addressed and Longford must become a priority for this government.

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein candidate in the Midlands/North-West Constituency, Matt Carthy has knocked the selection of Fianna Fáil’s Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher and Thomas Byrne to contest the EU Elections.

“The people of the 15 counties of this Midlands, North-West constituency deserve a fresh voice in the European parliament, somebody who will stand up for the interests of the Irish people and who will articulate a viable alternative to the austerity agenda,” he fumed. “Fianna Fáil, despite efforts to reinvent themselves, has today selected two of Bertie’s boys - remnants of the old-guard - in Pat ‘The Cope’ Gallagher and Thomas Byrne. These two men were TDs during Fianna Fáil’s disastrous time in government and presided over the economic collapse that has caused so much hardship to so many families and so much devastation to the communities of these regions.”