‘I can’t believe I won the same lotto again’

‘I can’t believe I won the same lotto again’
Most of us don’t get the chance to win the lotto, never mind two.

Most of us don’t get the chance to win the lotto, never mind two.

But that’s precisely what Co Westmeath man Pat Lynagh managed recently when he scooped the Clonguish GAA jackpot, netting himself a cool €6,700 in the process.

What’s more, the former Lake County GAA secretary won the jackpot with the exact same numbers that secured €7,500 four years previously.

“When the phone rang to say my numbers had come up, to say I was surprised is putting it mildly,” said Pat, earlier this week.

The fact his fortune came from a lotto 47 miles up the N4 from his home in Kilbeggan is another feature which adds further intrigue to the story.

Now retired, Pat enjoyed a long spell working at St Loman’s Hospital in Mullingar while also enjoing a stint at Longford’s Commununity Mental Health Centre.

It’s Pat’s association with the formerly mentioned facility, however, and his long held friendship with Clonguish man, Patsy Clarke which ultimately sparked Pat’s lotto winning exploits.

“I was a work colleague of Patsy’s and we have been exchanging lotto tickets for many years with me being in the Clonguish lotto and Patsy in Kilbeggan Shamrocks,” he said.

Asked how his friend had fared from his own hometown club in that time and whether he felt any onus on returning the favour, the response was unsurprisingly gracious.

“Looking back, I think he (Patsy) might have won €40 or so. I suppose you could say I owe him a big one, but unfortunately I won’t be able to pull any strokes,” he joked.

His comical take on things was just as catching when pressed about how his near €7,000 windfall might be spent.

“Ah sure I don’t know, there is plenty of places it can be spent nowadays isn’t there?”

As Pat weighs up those thoughts over the coming days, his win is still the number one topic of conversation in Clonguish.

“It’s unusual the same numbers came up again but good luck to him,” said Chairman James Clarke.

So much for the saying lightning never strikes twice.