Daniel sets sights on Stateside film project

Daniel Keenanwill begin work on his short film in the USA this summer. Photo: Michelle Ghee. www.gphotos.ie
ANewtownforbes university student is preparing to shoot a short film in the United States this summer.

ANewtownforbes university student is preparing to shoot a short film in the United States this summer.

Daniel Keenan, who has been living in San Jose, California, for the past year, explained that he began working on the film after visiting the hometown of his friend and co-writer, Ryan McDowell.

“He’s from a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It’s an amazing area. We saw it had great potential and spent two months working on a script.

“We sent it out to people he knew, and to acting groups around the [San Francisco] Bay Area. It’s fully-cast now and we’re putting together marketing materials at the moment. We have all the equipment and we’re looking at shooting it in the summer.”

Entitled ‘The ‘89’ers’, Daniel said he and Ryan hope to enter their creation in a number of film festivals.

“It’s a short film in a mockumentary style,” he explained. “It will be shot in a TV-style format and we’re hoping someone will pick up on it at the festivals. We’re planning to work on two or three more episodes.

“It’s about a guy called Quentin who gets an idea to go up into the Sierra Nevada mountains to a town there to secretly try and re-start the Gold Rush. He’s a bit street-stupid and there are a lot of weird characters, such as the fire fighter who won’t fight fires and a meth dealer with a heart of gold.”

Although this is his first foray into movie production, Daniel - a son of Michael and Patricia Keenan - has previous experience in performing arts.

“I wrote a play called ‘Breaking Brian’ for a competition when I was studying in UCD, and the Drama Society there staged a five-night run in their theatre.”

Talking about his studies and his move to the USA, he said: “I studied English Literature in UCD. I moved to California in April on a J1 visa and since June I’ve been working in marketing and communications at the International Technological University in San Jose. I’ll be starting a masters in marketing there soon.”