Bride’s search for missing
camera goes on

Kevin and Fiona Hanley with their twins Leah and Jay as they were baptised last Saturday. Photo: Michelle Ghee.
For Longford newlyweds Fiona and Kevin Hanley the past week has been a veritable emotional rollercoaster ride.

For Longford newlyweds Fiona and Kevin Hanley the past week has been a veritable emotional rollercoaster ride.

They walked down the aisle at St Mary’s Church, Lanesboro on Friday, March 14 and it was a joyous occasion as their beautiful bouncing twins Leah and Jay, born on December 1 last, were also part of the ceremony.

Fiona (née Egan) explained, “We had been trying to conceive for a long time and we were absolutely thrilled when Leah and Jay came along. They are the centre of our lives.”

Then with the following Monday being the twins’ first St Patrick’s Day, proud parents Fiona and Kevin brought them along to the Lanesboro parade and they were attired in green, white and orange to mark the feast of our Patron Saint.

Later on, with Fiona’s mum-in-law on babysitting duty and the twins safely tucked up in their cot, she and Kevin proceeded to enjoy a well-deserved night out at Adie Farrell’s pub in Lanesboro.

Spirits were high until Fiona, to her dismay, discovered that her red Samsung digital camera containing precious wedding and family photographs, had gone missing from the pocket of Kevin’s blue/green coloured cardigan hoodie.

“The camera contains loads of photographs from my hen night, Kevin’s stag night, our wedding day and from our first St Patrick’s Day with the twins. All I am pleading for is the safe return of the memory card with the photos.

“The photographs on it are irreplaceable, precious and of enormous sentimental value, even more so because of the twins,” she told the Leader.

Fiona reported the incident to her local Garda Station and distributed posters around Lanesboro to highlight her desperate quest for the return of her camera.

“We had one false lead raising hope but it proved to be false,” a dejected Fiona said yesterday. “I’m praying that Saint Anthony might be able to work his magic and ensure a safe return.”

The trauma of the missing camera was forgotten on Saturday afternoon last as Jay and Leah were baptised by Fr Michael Reilly in Lanesboro. “It was a very special day,” said Fiona.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Fiona’s camera, she can be contacted at 086 4091236.

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