Hogan eyes up Sinn Fein seat at next election

The performance of Sinn Fein’s Paul Hogan was another surprise of the election this year.

The Athlone Town Councillor attracted in excess of 4,300 first preferences with 1,500 votes coming from Longford households alone. His first prefence vote basically doubled in four years (2,136 in 2007) but more importantly Hogan picked up a lot of transfer votes, something that doesn’t ususally happen Sinn Fein candidates. In the end Hogan had hoovered up 6,487 votes, a very respectable tally for the young councillor.

Eliminated on the seventh count, Mr Hogan was staying very much upbeat about his future electoral chances on Saturday night.

“It’s not every day a candidate would treble their vote in just four years,” he smiled. Photo: Ann Hennessy