Loving life in sunny Las Vegas

Sometimes a job opportunity can fall right in your lap and this was the case for Terry Devlin (41) of Teffia Park, Longford.

Sometimes a job opportunity can fall right in your lap and this was the case for Terry Devlin (41) of Teffia Park, Longford.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Terry has recently been appointed Design and Compliance Administrator for the highly stylish property development known as Lake Las Vegas. This complex, which consists of 2,200 homes, boasts such residents as Celine Dion and other entertainers of the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

However, it was far from the Las Vegas lifestyle that Terry was reared. Born to Maeve and Tommy Devlin of Teffia Park, Terry attended the Vocational School Longford prior to embarking upon his working life.

“I trained as a painter in Ireland and worked in the UK and Belgium. It was in Belgium that I met my wife who is American,” said Terry speaking to the Leader from his home in Las Vegas.

“We moved to America, spent time in New York and eventually settled here in Henderson, Las Vegas.”

For 18 years Terry Devlin has lived and worked in the US and for the last 12 of those years he has been based in the entertainment capital, Las Vegas, with his wife Julie and their daughter, Maggie (10).

In recent years Terry’s painting business slowed due to the economic downturn so when the opportunity came to change career and become a Design and Compliance Administrator, he grabbed it.

“Lake Las Vegas is a master-planned community,” he explained. “It’s located only 30 minutes from the Strip and it is a really beautiful location where they have built a man-made lake.”

The estate, which boasts such home owners as Celine Dion, consists of some 2,200 homes and three golf courses. Some of these homes can safely be regarded as mansions, measuring 15,000 sq ft.

“We hope to eventually have 9,000 homes out here,” said Terry. “There’s a little of everything here.”

In Terry’s role, he acts as the liaison between the home owners and the Design Review Board, ensuring that all changes to properties are within compliance.

“I work for the Lake Las Vegas Masters Association. It’s like a large homeowners association. If anyone wants to make a change or perhaps add a pool they must follow certain guidelines and plans that are specified.”

For Terry, this work is a change from his role as a painter.

“It’s a very different type of job than being a painter. I wouldn’t have a lot of computer experience but I’m getting there,” he said.

Living in Las Vegas, Terry finds it hard to see himself and his family moving back to Ireland.

“We travel back most years. I think I have a greater appreciation for Ireland when I go home to visit. You get used to the American way of life though and while I love home, I also love the sun.”