Letter to Longford Leader Editor: Brendan Bowyer and his band were always a cut above the rest

James J Heslin


James J Heslin



Brendan Bowyer

The late Brendan Bowyer

The sudden passing of Brendan Bowyer was the shocking and unexpected news that hit us one morning last week.

What memories came flooding back to me from the early 60s when Brendan and the Royal Showband burst on to the stage with their distinctive style and sound delivered with such youthful exuberance.

It did not surprise me that very soon they were filling up all the dancehalls in Ireland.

Many, many times I have danced to their live music and following the dance, in the early days, the journey home could be tricky on board an old, bad bicycle with a very dim headlamp...

The satnav then was the moonlight illuminating the tops of the ditches and I, at the same time, having to nurture a not so slow puncture in the front wheel.

Up and down from the bike to pump another couple of miles into the flattening tyre with the showband music still faintly sounding in my ears while my thoughts about having parted with my last 10 bob note was well spent.

Waterford can be very proud to have produced Brendan and the members of his band.

To me, they were always a cut above the rest.

Hopefully Brendan is at home safely in Heaven with his old friend Tom Dunphy where he will never lose his Hucklebuck shoes.

May he rest in peace.


James J Heslin
Co Longford