Letter to the Longford Leader Editor: The reasons why I play the waiting game

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Letter to the Editor

When you love someone you will wait for them and the movement of time, a reader has said this week

Dear Editor,

A poem for the readers a true poem about the love between an Irish woman and the Welshman who loved her deeply.

I was at the lowest depths apart from one which will not be mentioned by name. The sound of it makes me feel like a tearful drop.

You came along picked up and started mending the pieces that you could find and breathed new life back into that battered piece of meat and soul called a human being.

Though you carried on regardless breathing life back into my body after all the struggles I had been through.

Now you have told me that you are leaving I remember all that you did not that I had forgotten as I had not forgotten.

When people say but why do you wait it might never happen, I will always reply.

Well when someone reactivates you after years of sleepwalking where the lights are on, but nobody is at home you would wait as well.

When someone ignores your problems and perseveres even when you are non-compliant because they love you You would wait as well even if the game is longer than you planned for.

Well when you love someone you will wait for them and the movement of time.

They have been loved by someone for so long they choose to return to them.

Then remembering the happiness that they brought you then you would choose to wait for them.

If they meant that much to you then you would wait and not wreck their happiness.

It takes courage and a strong conviction to postpones one's hopes and dreams.

That is the test of a true man who believes in something and that is why anyone who asks me why I wait will be told.

These are the reasons why I play the waiting game.

Yours sincerely,
Dennis Kavanagh