‘Foreigners’ don't diminish Longford's culture or history

Albert Rowe


Albert Rowe




'Foreigners' don't diminish our culture or heritage, a Longford reader has insisted

I write in response to a letter to the editor from Frank Vaughan as regards Longford town.

Not withstanding some of the valid points made in the letter about poor planning and the town been run down, I take issue with the language used by Mr Vaughan, example: 'properly assimilate them' when referring to 'foreigners'.

Most 'foreigners' come here to Ireland and indeed Longford town to find a better life.

This story should be very familiar to the people of small towns like Longford who in the past lost large numbers of their family to cities and towns around the world also to search for a better life.

When the Irish arrived in these places we did not 'assimilate' like some kind of robots.

We brought parts of our culture with us, things like the GAA games where today, cities like New York and London take part in the All Ireland Championship.

'Foreigners' don't diminish our culture or heritage.

They add a little to the rich fabric of all our lives, just like our immigrants did all around the world.

Albert Rowe