Letter to the Editor: Longford town is being used and abused

News reporter


News reporter




An appeal has been made by a reader this week in the aftermath of last week's contentious video by Gemma O'Doherty

Longford town has been used and abused, is run down and delapidated with thousands of non nationals living there with no infrastructure and extremely bad planning to properly assimilate them into society there.

But somebody is making money off the backs of non nationals (rent and subsidies etc) and the Government and local government are complicit together with the media in making money for the few but destroying the town in the process.

If this is being done in the name of multiculturalism then we could do without it.

The whole atmosphere in Longford would make you want to leave with shops closed down, charity shop after charity shop, shocking bad architecture and no sense of affluence about the place.

And it's full of foreigners bringing their own cultures with them which is fine but at what expense to our own Irish culture, heritage and our Christian values?

I grew up in Dublin Street, Longford and spent my youth there and although I no longer live there it's still my home town.
I care about it and I'm proud of the refurbished cathedral for instance.

I appeal through the Longford Leader to the new county councillors elected in the recent local elections to get together, and make change happen, whatever it takes, for the good of Longford town.

Frank Vaughan