'Sexual predator' jailed for 'brutal and terrifying rapes' and 'most serious of indecent assaults' on his sister

Victim prays her brother will not come out of prison alive and hopes “he burns in hell”

Brion Hoban


Brion Hoban



'Sexual predator' jailed for 'brutal and terrifying rapes' and 'most serious of indecent assaults' on his sister

A “sexual predator” and child abuser who repeatedly raped and sexually abused his younger sister has been jailed for eight years.

The man (52), who cannot be named for legal reasons, was already serving prison sentences for raping five children. He abused one of the children while on bail for abusing the other four girls.

Passing sentencing today, Justice Michael White ordered that the sentence he imposed of eight years imprisonment will run consecutively to the sentences the man is already serving. The man had a release date in 2034 for his previous offences.

Justice White described the offences as “brutal and terrifying rapes” and “the most serious of indecent assaults”. He said they were committed without any thought or care for the man's sister and that all but one of the offences occurred when he was over the age of 18.

The man pleaded guilty before the Central Criminal Court to five counts of rape and five counts of indecent assaults against his sister at various locations near their family home on dates between April 18, 1983 and April 17, 1990.

A local garda sergeant told Shane Geraghty BL, prosecuting, that the man first sexually abused his sister on her tenth birthday. He proceeded to rape her, anally rape her and indecently assault her on numerous occasions while his sister was still in primary school.

The victim reported the offences to gardaí in 2019 following the death of her mother with whom she had been very close.

In interview with gardaí the man said he remembered sexually assaulting his sister and estimated that it happened once a week. He did not deny raping her, only saying he did not remember doing so, but he then pointed at the recording device and said he would “need a brain like that to remember everything he had done”.

The garda sergeant told the court that the first offence happened on the victim's tenth birthday. The victim had gone to pick apples near her home with her brother when he grabbed her and tried to kiss her.

The accused groped her chest and privates while she cried and told him to stop. After the assault he told her not to tell anyone and said he had been “messing”.

The second offence happened when the victim was aged 12 or 13. Her brother came into her bedroom, pushed her onto the bed and raped her.

A few months later she was alone in the house when her brother came home, grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to his bedroom. He raped her while squeezing her neck so tight she thought “she was going to die”.

The fourth offence occurred on a day when the victim had been playing in a field with a friend who then went home. Her brother put her onto the ground and raped her while she cried and told him to stop.

On another occasion he brought her to the end of their aunt's garden on a dark evening, putting her hand over her mouth at one stage so she could not call out to her father. Once her father had gone back inside her brother proceeded to anally rape her.

He anally raped her again while she was walking home on another occasion from her friend's house. The accused ran up behind her, put a hand over her mouth, put her on the ground and assaulted her.

On another occasion the victim had returned home to change clothes before going into the village when her brother barged into her bedroom and raped her. A few minutes after this offence ended he got back on top of her and anally raped the victim.

The man came up behind the victim on another occasion while she was looking at kittens in a shed and groped her privates. He was nervous because their mother was in the vicinity and stopped assaulting his sister when she told him to stop.

The final offence occurred after the victim had finished primary school. Her brother brought her down to an empty house and shed near their home in order to collect hay or straw where he proceeded to rape her.

The sergeant described the man as a “sexual predator” who was “an extremely high risk for the safety of children”.

In her victim impact statement, which was read before the court by the sergeant, the woman said she was certain her brother would have repeated “these evil acts” many more times if she had not avoided and prevented it.

The woman said she had always felt safe with her older brothers until “the evil perpetrator” destroyed and took that away. She said from that day on she did not trust her brothers.

She said that for 30 years she hid these “horrendous secrets” and kept them “bottled up” for half a lifetime. She said if the man was not already in prison she would have “taken these secrets to the grave” for fear that he might inflict serious harm on her or take her life.

The woman said her “sick brother's sick acts of depravity” have stopped her from having her own family. She said she prays he will not come out of prison alive and hopes “he burns in hell”.

She said she wanted revenge, retribution and “above all I want justice”. She says she will endeavour to fully move on from “this horrendous nightmare”.

The sergeant agreed with Mark Harty SC, defending, that his client was “effectively illiterate” and was of “limited intellectual” ability. He agreed the accused accepted in interview as being true any detail his sister provided to gardaí.

Mr Harty said the offending cannot be in any way minimised but that his client has attempted to ensure his sister's trauma in this process has at least been minimised.

Counsel said his client's entire social circle had been his family and that was now lost to him. He said the only visitor his client has received while in custody for the last four years was his father who came to inform him that his mother had died.

Justice White said the case was aggravated by the accompanying violence, the breach of trust, the premeditation involved, the period over which the offences occurred, the severe impact on the victim and the man's previous convictions for sexual offences.

He said the mitigating factors in the case were the man's pleas of guilty, his genuine remorse, his behaviour in prison and his low intellectual ability.

Justice White sentenced the man to eight years imprisonment for each count of rape and for the three counts of indecent assault involving anal rape. He sentenced the man to five years imprisonment for the remaining two counts of indecent assault and ordered that all sentences run concurrently with each other.

He then ordered that the effective sentence of eight years imprisonment run consecutive to the sentences the man is currently serving.