Six gardaí had to isolate after man 'blatantly flaunted' Covid-19 in Longford town and refused to quarantine

Incident resulted in €1,800 deep cleaning bill at Longford Garda Station

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Longford Garda Station. Photo: Michelle Ghee.

Disinfection of Longford Garda Station resulted in a bill of €1,800

A man who ‘blatantly flaunted that he had Covid’ has put ‘extreme financial pressure’ on the Department of Justice after an incident at Longford Garda Station over Christmas.

At Tuesday’s sitting of Longford District Court, it was heard that the man tested positive for Covid-19 and was aware that he was infected when he visited a number of pubs in December.

He was arrested for the assault of a female and, due to his positive Covid-19 diagnosis, a number of gardaí involved in the arrest were close contacts and had to isolate for 14 days.

The man was not present in court on Tuesday and so his case was put back to January 19 but Sgt Mark Mahon, for the state, addressed the seriousness of the situation.

“He was in Longford, blatantly flaunting Covid. He had tested positive and knew he was positive but refused to isolate and instead went into the pubs and consumed alcohol,” Sgt Mahon explained.

“He was arrested for the assault of a female and as a result of his actions, a large number of the force at Longford Garda Station had to self-isolate for 14 days, putting extreme financial pressure on the Department of Justice.”

Sgt Mahon explained that, while the man was not present in court on Tuesday, he would be seeking strict bail conditions on the next date.

“Six gardaí involved in the incident had to get Covid-19 tests and isolate for a period of 14 days,” he stressed, “and a deep clean and disinfection of the Garda station resulted in a cost of €1,800.”

“There’s money being made by some people during this pandemic,” Judge Seamus Hughes noted, adjourning the case to January 19.