Granard man who was abusive towards gardaí pays compensation

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Granard man who was abusive towards gardaí pays compensation

A man who was abusive towards two gardaí has paid €500 in compensation to the gardaí and received a fine of €250 with three months to pay.

Jason Flynn, 33 Beechwood Park, Granard, was highly intoxicated when gardaí came across him at approximately 2am on July 4, 2020 in Beechwood Park, Granard.

The court previously heard that Mr Flynn followed gardaí out of a house and shouted abusive at them, telling one of the gardaí that he’d rub his penis on his face and that he would carry out a sex act on the second garda’s mother.

Mr Flynn received a two year and nine month prison sentence on other charges in the October sittings of Longford Circuit Court, the court heard, with the final two years suspended.

He was supposed to have €500 compensation for the two gardaí in court last Tuesday but couldn’t come up with the money due to the fact he was in prison.

However, his solicitor, Fiona Baxter explained, his brother-in-law had managed to bring in €250 which Mr Flynn had set aside before he went to prison.

“Because of the nature of the offence, I felt it appropriate that he pay €250 to both of the guards,” said Judge Hughes, not willing to accept less than €500.

Mr Flynn’s brother-in-law returned by lunch time last Tuesday with the remainder of the compensation and Judge Hughes finalised by way of a €250 fine.