Meat products at Longford manufacturer found to be "unfit for human consumption"

Food Safety Authority chiefs hit local firm with prohibition order

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove


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A number of cuts of beef were deemed to be unsuitable for human consumption due to "gross spoilage"

A Longford meat manufacturer has been issued with a prohibition order, banning the sale of certain cooked meats its premises.


Valhalla Meats Ltd was one of three (one in Dublin and one in Waterford) food businesses issued with an enforcement action last month by Food Safety Authority of Ireland inspectors.

The Longford firm, which operates from the county town's Townspark Industrial Estate was found to have "a number of meat products" that were deemed "unfit for human consumption due to gross spoilage."

Prohibition orders ban the sale of a certain batch of food, if it is believed it could pose a serious risk to public health.

A total of 16 products, including various cuts of beef, were withdrawn following an order made on November 23 last.

The order was lifted four days later, authority officials revealed today.

"It is a legal requirement that all food businesses handling products of animal origin must be approved," said Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive, FSAI.

"This requirement ensures that these food businesses can be adequately supervised and inspected regularly. This protects public health and facilitates ongoing compliance with food legislation."

“Additionally, all food businesses are required by law to only buy from registered and/or approved suppliers and should therefore, never buy food from any unregistered or unapproved food business or operator. The FSAI encourages food businesses to check the online register of approved food businesses operating in Ireland on its website. The prosecution last month of an illegal slaughterhouse and cutting plant resulted in the defendant pleading guilty to six offences of food law."