Judge Hughes to consider prison for knife crimes in Longford

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Judge Seamus Hughes

Judge Seamus Hughes has said he will consider prison for anyone charged with knife crimes in Longford

Judge Seamus Hughes has said that he will be changing his attitude towards knife crimes going forward and will consider prison for anyone charged with such offences.

The comments came following the appearance of Petra Misiak, of 83 Springlawn, Longford, at last week’s sitting of Longford District Court.

Mr Misiak was charged with being in possession of a four inch flick blade shortly after midnight on September 14, 2020, which he said he was carrying following a fishing trip earlier that day.

Mr Misiak was fined €350 for possession of the blade, and give three months to pay but Judge Hughes stressed that he will not be so lenient going forward.

“I’m changing my attitude to knife crime and I think most judges need to because knife crime is far too prevalent,” he said.

“It is totally unacceptable that you should be carrying a knife at that hour and you deserve a prison sentence for it,” he told Mr Misiak.

“I will consider prison sentences for people carrying knives going forward.”