Man who refused to wear face mask in Longford shop disagrees with fine

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Man who refused to wear face mask in Longford shop disagrees with fine

A man who refused to wear a mask while in a shop has been fined €250 by Judge Seamus Hughes following last week’s sitting of Longford District Court.

Dariusz Bronikowski, 19 Oakland Vale, Longford, pleaded guilty to not wearing a mask in the local shop and to having a confrontation with a garda outside the premises.

“He refused to wear a mask at a shop on Centenary Square. He was directed to leave the vicinity. He became confrontational and would not leave. He was arrested,” said Sgt Paddy McGirl.

Turning to the accused, Judge Hughes said, “You were in a shop and the shopkeeper said please wear a mask. You refused.

“That immediately conveys to me that you were being difficult. The shopkeeper called the guards. Why?”

“I refused to wear a mask because I know the law. If you feel bad when your face is covered you don’t have to wear one,” Mr Bronikowski replied.

“But you have to have a medical reason,” said Judge Hughes.

“I have no medical reason but I feel bad when my face is covered,” said Mr Bronikowski.

Judge Hughes said that he would not convict the accused for not wearing a mask but fined him €250.

“I don’t agree with that, judge,” said a shocked Mr Bronikowski.

“You’re charging me half my weekly payment. I didn’t do nothing wrong.”

“ A lot of people don’t agree with my decisions,” Judge Hughes concluded, giving the accused three months to pay.