Bail application refused for Longford man charged with assault

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Bail application refused for Longford man charged with assault

A bail application for a man charged with a section 3 assault has been refused following last week’s sitting of Longford District Court.

Lee Goodchild, 2 Auburn Village, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, was served with a book of evidence last week and is due to reappear at the next sittings of Longford Circuit Court in January.

“There are some fairly gruesome photographs in this book of evidence,” Judge Seamus Hughes observed while flicking through the book.

Mr Goodchild, who is due to be released from prison on December 17, was eager to make an application for bail in the hopes of getting treatment for his alcohol addiction.

However, as Sgt Paddy McGirl, prosecuting, was given only 15 minutes of notice, he informed the court that he would not be in a position to proceed with the application.

“He has been continuously remanded on a number of occasions,” Judge Hughes noted.

Solicitor for the defence, Bríd Mimnagh accepted these comments and said that her client was eager to get bail so he could get the treatment he needed, stressing that “the state’s case isn’t the strongest”.

“There are allegations that he assaulted a partner or ex partner and he says she has withdrawn the complaint,” she explained.

Sgt McGirl disagreed, saying that the victim did not withdraw and complaints and that the accused had allegedly threatened the victim and her mother while he was in prison.

“All my offences are alcohol related. And there was drugs involved,” said Mr Goodchild.

“I took cocaine and I blacked out. I’ve been loyal to the guards. I did everything they asked. I just want to get treatment. My addiction counsellor said I would be able to get treatment if I’m taken off remand.”

“No, it doesn’t work that way. You have to have an offer for a place. If he wants to proceed, he needs to secure a place,” said Judge Hughes.

“I just want to go to treatment. My head is about to explode,” said Mr Goodchild.

Bail was refused and Mr Goodchild is due to appear at Longford Circuit Court on January 12, 2021.