Mullinalaghta woman pens mindfulness books for kids

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Mullinalaghta woman pens mindfulness books for kids

This year has been difficult on everyone’s mental health and among those who suffered the most are the children who have been unable to play with friends, visit elderly relatives or do ordinary kids’ stuff.

Mullinalaghta woman, Pauline Rogers, however, set out to provide methods of practicing mindfulness that will help children to have inner calm, while also practicing gratitude.

Her book, My Mindfulness Buddy, tells the story of a little bear and what he learned about being mindful. Pauline has also created a three-minute mindfulness journal for children called My Mindfulness Buddy Gratitude Journal, which serves as a companion to the book itself.

Pauline runs Bawn Holistic Centre, which offers a wide range of therapies to promote wellbeing and health to clients in Longford, Cavan, Leitrim and Westmeath.

Due to Covid-19, however, Pauline has had to close her clinic, but certainly didn’t waste the quiet time.

“Unfortunately my business shut down for three months during the first lockdown and again recently until December...hopefully,” she told the Longford Leader.

“So, during the first lockdown, I wrote a little mindfulness book for children. It is aimed at helping them cope with mental health issues like anxiety, confidence, self acceptance, etc.

“The book is about a little bear (Buddy), who visits his grandparents on their farm in the country. He spends a week with them and each animal teaches him a lesson in mindfulness.

“For example, Bertha the Cow teaches him gratitude and how to notice all the good things in his life and also how to be grateful for Mother Earth who takes care of us.

“Then Chuckie the Duck teaches him how to be brave. Each animal has a little story that helps them understand and make sense of things like their emotions and thoughts.

“It also has little mindful exercises like finger breathing, breathing a rainbow and the body scan, which helps them to tune into their bodily sensations and notice how their body is feeling when they’re angry or sad or frustrated, etc. And accompanying this book is a Buddy’s Gratitude Journal, where they can write down what they are grateful for and ways in how they can be kind.”

The books would make lovely Christmas presents and are available to purchase via Amazon. 50% of proceeds will to to Laura Lynn and the Hope Foundation.