Longford man ordered to come up with €500 for public order offences

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford Courthouse.

Longford Courthouse.

A man on public order charges has been told to return to court with €500 or risk facing prison time.

Martin McDonagh, with an address at 1 Cuasan, Lisbrack Road, Longford, appeared last week at Longford District Court, where it was heard that on September 5, 2020, he was involved in a row at the door way of a Longford town bar where a number of punches were thrown and the accused spat a number of times in the victim’s direction.

“When gardaí confronted him, he became very aggressive and had to be restrained with handcuffs. It took considerable effort to restrain him. This was at 5pm,” the court heard.

Defending solicitor, Frank Gearty, explained that his client had “three sips of his first pint”, so he was sober at the time.

Mr McDonagh told the court that he’d had a row with his wife and other family members, including his father-in-law who had gotten involved at the bar.

“But wasn’t cheeky to no guards or nothing,” he insisted.

Prosecuting gardaí revealed that Mr McDonagh had seven previous convictions and had entered into a peace bond on July 28 of this year. It was their submission that the €250 cash lodgement on that day be forfeited - to which Mr McDonagh consented.

“This was a family matter and he has relatively few previous convictions. Would a suspended sentence cover it?” asked Mr Gearty.

“I don’t know. I think he has a bit of an attitude problem,” said Judge Hughes.

“Gardaí arrived and met a lúdramán and had to use substantial force to restrain him,” he added, before ordering Mr McDonagh to come up with €500 by 2pm or face prison.

The case was recalled later in the morning and Mr McDonagh asked for time to come up with “at least €250”.

Judge Hughes declined and insisted on the initial €500 sum, but gave him until November 24 to pay it.