Longford woman given suspended sentence for scrawling insults at Garda station

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford woman given suspended sentence for scrawling insults at Garda station

A woman who scrawled insults about a number of gardaí on the desk of the foyer of Longford Garda Station has been given a four month prison sentence, suspended for three years.

Kathleen Delaney 3 Cúirt An Óir, Killashee Street, Longford, appeared at Longford District Court last week on foot of a bench warrant executed by Gda Declan Brislane.

Sergeant Mark Mahon, for the state, explained that on Ms Delaney, charged with criminal damage, was not under arrest when she came to Longford Garda Station.

“I went to get back my phone,” Ms Delaney explained.

“They raided my house and took my phone. They have it four months now. They had it two or three weeks at the time.”

“So you got a biro and you wrote on a desk,” said Judge Hughes, examining the photographs handed in to the court.
The alleged scribbling on the desk referred to a garda and a sergeant on the drugs unit as “pr*cks” and another garda as “a rat”.

“Can you give Judge Hughes the CCTV of when ye pushed me through the door and nearly broke my back,” Ms Delaney shouted.

“I was abused for my culture. He hit me off the door and he said to me ‘I’m a guard. I have a badge and you’re a traveller’.”
Judge Hughes asked if Ms Delaney had proof of injuries or photographs and she said she didn’t.

“I admit I did this but I apologised,” she said.

“You knew exactly what you wrote. You described two or three members of An Garda Síochána in an insulting way,” Judge Hughes shot back.

Sgt Mahon revealed to the court that Ms Delaney had 53 previous convictions, including no insurance, public order, threatening and abusive behaviour, obstructing a police officer, theft and unlawful possession of a forged prescription.

“What you did is totally unacceptable. Have you ever been in prison?” Judge Hughes asked.

“Once,” Ms Delaney replied.

“Maybe it’s time to go again,” Judge Hughes commented.

“I know I’m a traveller and I’m not a guard but I have a right to be here as well,” Ms Delaney replied.

“You have,” Judge Hughes replied.

“I’m giving you a four month sentence, suspended for three years but if this comes back in front of me you’ll do four months.”

Solicitor for the defence, Bríd Mimnagh explained that her client was still anxious for her phone to be returned.

“Talk to the guards to find out why they still have your phone. Ms Mimnagh will write a letter,” said Judge Hughes.