Longford International College to launch this afternoon

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Longford International College to launch this afternoon

The launch of Longford International College will take place in the Edgeworthstown co:worx hub development

Longford is to take one step forward in education this afternoon as preparations for the launch of Longford International College (LIC) iget underway in Edgeworthstown today.

Longford International College is accepting enrolments from students from outside of the professional sports industries. In just over six months, LIC has completed courses for 230 students from football clubs around the world. 

"The partnership with Leeds United FC College has propelled LIC onto a different level," said College President Vincent English.

"Thanks to the Leeds United College partnership, LIC has broadened its reach to the worldwide fan base of this famous club.  The consortium is also delighted to welcome the James Lind Institute and Rushford Business School, who are both based in Geneva (Switzerland). Students can now study for prestigious Swiss Degrees with the same ECTS credits that can be obtained in Ireland and across Europe.

"LIC also is proud to recognise our other partners in the University of Bari (WAGRO Medical & Dentistry School), the Univerity of Ferarra, the Ouachita Baptist University (Arkansas, USA), the International Institute of Sports Management (Mumbai), The University Uninettuno (Rome) and several UK universities to be announced soon."

Longford International College was initially founded to provide courses to support professional footballers who are nearing the end of their contract, or who have left the game with any prior qualifications.

"Our early mission was to provide business and sports science-related courses to help prepare professional footballers for the new challenge after sport," Mr English explained.

"Now, LIC has expanded its reach to welcome new education partners in the Gaelic Players Association and the Women's Gaelic Players Association, Berwick Rangers FC, 451 Football Consultancy, The British College of Sport, Sheffield FC, ISIGN Cyber Security, Pillars of Performance, Seed for Speed and Insight in Sport.

"LIC offers accredited diplomas, masters degrees one doctoral programme. The course is delivered online and through online live webinars. 

"LIC is proud to acknowledge the help of many of its friends in the Premier League and is delighted that current players and football legends from Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Chelsea, Leeds United and Arsenal make up two of our present MBA groups," he concluded.

For more information, see www.longfordcollege.com.