Longford photographer Shelley Corcoran shortlisted for award

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Longford photographer Shelley Corcoran shortlisted for award

Heidi Corcoran Boylan with her mum, local photographer, Shelley Corcoran. The photo, Evening Tales, is shortlisted for an award Picture: Shelley Corcoran

Local photographer, Shelley Corcoran has been shortlisted for the Huawei International Photography Competition, with her photograph, Evening Tales, which features her daughter, Heidi Corcoran Boylan.

The photograph was entered into the Good Night category of the competition, which encourages photographers to snap a photo in low light.

All photographs for the competition were taken on Huawei smartphones and Shelley is one of only 12 people to be shortlisted from Ireland.

“I love it because it makes people think about the idea and concept of the photo they’re taking, rather than worrying about aperture or shutter speed or the technical elements,” said Shelley.

“The beauty of taking photographs with your phone is that you always have your phone with you. How many photographs were missed before camera phones became such good quality? Now you always have the opportunity to get the photograph you want.

“Huawei camera quality is amazing, that is why I purchased the phone in the first place, not for any other feature.

“If you are artistic you will always have that eye to capture a good photograph, you just need equipment to capture it on.”

As a photographer, Shelley is very familiar with all of the technical elements of photography but felt that the focus on the composition and the visual elements of the photograph had more meaning.

“It’s amazing to be shortlisted. It’s really nice for my work to be recognised internationally. And it’s a personal photograph as well, close to my heart - mother and child,” Shelley explained.

“Steve McCurry is one of the judges and he is like an idol for me as he’s one of the first photographers I was even aware of with his portrait, Afghan Girl, so it’s amazing to think that he would even see my work.”

Shelley is quite proud of getting shortlisted in the Good Night category, which encouraged entrants to capture a captivating scene in lowlight conditions.

“Night light and low light can be quite challenging,” she explained.

“I noticed before that the light coming through the blinds in the sitting room was really atmospheric and nice and soft and I always thought it would be lovely for a portrait, so when this competition came around, I decided to do it.

“It can be challenging to expose and light a photograph in low light because a lot of the time, only part of the scene will be lit up and the rest will be in darkness, so I’m quite proud to be in this category.

“It can also be a challenge to get a child to smile - especially a young child who might not take direction. To capture a moment in time when a child - or even an adult - is genuinely laughing or smiling and completely unaware that they are being photographed, is also a challenge, so I’m really proud to be shortlisted for this photograph.”