Longford man’s 1,000 Miniature Meadows project

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Longford man’s 1,000 Miniature Meadows project

Pilot Light Edition with Science Gallery Dublin is excited to co-commission a new work by Longford’s Luke Casserly and Shanna May Breen, that you can enjoy in nature, near home wherever you are.

1,000 Miniature Meadows is an atypical Dublin Fringe event in that it can be experienced anywhere in Ireland, and at any time of day.

Part letter-writing project, part-nationwide planting project, part-sound project, 1,000 Miniature Meadows begins with a letter sent to your home.

It’s an invite to step into your garden, your local park, or that tiny triangle of green next to the supermarket, and to listen to it.

Expect seeds, a link to a soundscape, expert interviews and a conversation with a bumble bee.

A new perspective on Ireland’s biodiversity crisis through sound, 1,000 Miniature Meadows is an ambitious attempt to invade our outdoor spaces and explore our connection with biodiversity and nature.

This will involve the planting of 1,000 wildflower meadows across the island of Ireland; participants will sign up via the Dublin Fringe Festival website and get sent a letter with a packet of native Irish wildflower seeds via post, and an accompanying sound file to listen to while planting.

Via headphones, participants will then be invited to plant their meadow, while listening to an intimate soundscape made up of some of Ireland's leading experts on biodiversity and the environment including Éanna Ní Lamhna (RTÉ), John McCullen (Irish Tree Council), Kyle Petrie & Mark Earley (Open Hive).

Ticket sales for this soundscape will go towards the planting of 1,000 Indigenous Irish Trees in 2021. Depending on the number of participants, creators Shanna May Breen and Luke Casserly pledge to plant the remaining meadows to bring the total number to 1,000.