€250 fine handed to Longford man for kicking doors in

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€250 fine handed to Longford man for kicking doors in

A man who has 95 previous convictions, 14 of which were for public order, has been fined €250 with three months to pay following an incident of public order in February of this year, writes Jessica Thompson.

On February 1, 2020, at 5.45pm, gardaí received a call of a male kicking doors at Geraldine Terrace.

When gardaí arrived, Sean Munnelly, 15 Scramogue Manor, Strokestown, became aggressive and threatened to break a garda’s nose, the court heard.

There was no assault on a garda, however, and Mr Munnelly was arrested and conveyed to Longford Garda Station.

“What were you doing at 5.45pm, intoxicated and kicking in doors?” Judge Hughes asked.

“I’d been drinking all day and lost the run of myself. I’d lost the will to live,” Mr Munnelly replied.

Defence solicitor, Frank Gearty, explained that Mr Munnelly’s life has been “blighted” by a personality change caused by alcohol consumption.

“He has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and is embarking on a 12 month treatment course.”

Judge Hughes, having heard the evidence, gave Mr Munnelly a €250 fine for public order, with three months to pay.