Longford-Westmeath TDs back 'comprehensive' €5.2bn July Stimulus Package

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July Stimulus

The Government's July Stimulus package has been given the seal of approval by two Longford-Westmeath TDs

Two Longford-Westmeath TDs have given their backing to the Government's July Stimulus package.


Fianna Fáil's Joe Flaherty and Minister for Planning and Local Government Peter Burke both underlined their support to a €5.2bn economic package which is aimed at accelerating Ireland's economic recovery following the impact of Covid-19.

Mr Flaherty said: “For several months I have been dealing with local business owners who were wracked with doubt and whether they would be able to open for business again. A suite of supports in the stimulus will greatly assist them in this regard.”

"The key now will be to ensure that as many local businesses as possible apply for and draw down the Restart Grant with likely grants now boosted by as much as 150%.

He explained: “Businesses will apply through the Co Council website but the link is closed for a few days until such time as it is established whether businesses who have already been approved now need to reapply for the additional payment.”

The Longford TD said restarting will not be easy for most businesses and he urged all to ensure that they also availed of the new Employment Wage Support Scheme will run from September 1st until 31st March 2021.

His Fine Gael counterpart described the announcement as "comprehensive" and highlighted a €600m commercial rates waiver as a means towards reviving an economy which has been decimated by the ongoing health crisis.

“The waiver was initially brought in for a three month period and was designed to cover all ratepayers that had been forced to close," said Mr Burke.

"However, as anyone will know that has been on a high street in any major town recent months, normal commercial activity did not resume in July.

"From being in towns, from talking to business owners, it was clear that there was a worry that rates would be due and that the revenue would not be there to meet them. 

"In recognition of the fact that not only have many ratepayers been forced to close due to the public health requirements, but many others who remained open have suffered significant reductions in turnover, the waiver original announced in early May will be extended to a duration of six months to end September and the categories of enterprise who will be eligible to avail of it is being expanded."