Man’s alcohol problem is ‘so bad he was seen drinking hand sanitiser’ Longford court hears

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Man’s alcohol problem is ‘so bad he was seen drinking hand sanitiser’ Longford court hears

A man charged with theft of alcohol, driving while drunk and being abusive to gardaí has been jailed following last week’s sitting of Longford District Court.

Marcin Bednarski, 42 Silver Birches, Stonepark, Longford came to garda attention at approximately 10.10pm on June 16, 2020, when he was found drunk on a business premises.

Mr Bednarski was pleading guilty, but said he was on the premises because it belongs to his friend and he works there as a mechanic, and sleeps there in his car.

Gardaí who arrived at the address and directed Mr Bednarski to leave, reported that the man became “highly aggressive” and abusive to Gda Philip Weafer, who he attempted to headbutt.

“Why are you drinking so much? Your employer was here a few weeks ago and said you’re a great mechanic when you’re sober,” said Judge Hughes, addressing an apologetic Mr Bednarski.

“Your problem with alcohol is so bad that you were seen drinking hand sanitiser because it had alcohol in it.”

The court heard that Mr Bednarski “had been in custody for the week” and “took a few drinks” that night when he got out.
Mr Bednarski was also charged with stealing alcohol from two supermarkets and driving while drunk.

“You disappoint me by continuing to drink,” said Judge Hughes.

Mr Bednarski was disqualified from driving for three years and jailed for four months for the theft of alcohol from Supervalu.

All other alcohol thefts were given a four month concurrent sentence. For attempting to headbutt a guard, Judge Hughes gave him a one month consecutive sentence.

“Maybe the best bit of advice is, if he’s been off drink for four months - and hopefully the governor will be able to put up with him long enough to hold him - it might clear his liver and he might live a bit longer,” Judge Hughes concluded.